More than ingredients. Ingenuity.

One small fish improves the health of animals, humans and plants. One small fish meets the nutritional needs of an industry. Who could have imagined it? Omega Protein did. For the last century, we have processed every usable aspect of that small fish to provide the industry with powerful nutritional ingredients. And while we didn't set out to become the world's largest producer of omega-3 fish oil and North America's largest manufacturer of protein-rich fishmeal and organic fish solubles, we ended up doing just that. Fish by fish.

More than ingredients. Innovation.

Omega Protein recognizes the unique nutritional needs every animal has for optimum health. This has allowed us to develop species-specific fish ingredients to meet the nutritional requirements for abundant aquaculture, healthy pets and hearty livestock. It's more than just another ingredient; it's innovation. And it's one of the fundamental principles on which our company was founded.

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More than Ingredients. Insight.

Omega-3 fatty acids from fish are essential to a healthy body and mind. And Omega Protein brings these nutrients to life for health-conscious consumers with OmegaPure®, a highly refined long-chain omega-3 rich fish oil.

Flavorless, odorless, and with the perfect balance of EPA and DHA, OmegaPure® is the preferred source of omega-3 rich fish oil.

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More than ingredients. Inspiration.

Omega Protein took imagination to sea and returned with one of the richest plant nutrients on earth: the menhaden fish. The source of our complete line of all-natural, organic fertilizers. The source of healthy soil, healthy crops and healthy returns. It's more than just another fertilizer; it's inspiration. And it's how we make OmegaGrow.

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